{ My Journey to Becoming An Interior Design Student }

It's been quite a journey already and this is only the very beginning.
Everyone's story is different but this is mine...

I grew up with parents that wanted me to 'succeed' in their terms. 
They wanted me to excel in my academics and go off to a 'good' university. 
College was definitely not an option for me... Let alone a trade school!

Of course I wanted to make them proud. 
I studied hard in school, took all the science courses offered and spent all my summers in school.
I didn't know what I was passionate about or what I enjoyed so I decided to pursue something related to sciences. I was after all taking biology, physics and chemistry.
I ended up graduating high school a year earlier but in the month of October instead of June.
Because of that, I wasn't able to apply to most universities right away (they only accept twice a year).
Luckily, SFU accepts three times a year.
I got accepted that following January but chose the faculty of business instead of sciences.
Needless to say I hated it. It was boring and dry to me and I wanted something more.

I've always loved making arts and crafts, drawing and basically doing or making something.
I guess you can say I have a creative mind.
Having realized I spent most of my time reading/browsing anything interior design related, I thought to myself "Hey! I could do something that I enjoy for a change".

It was definitely a struggle convincing my parents to let me leave university to pursue something 'different'. To be honest, they're still not convinced. 
But I know I'm passionate about it 
and hopefully someday I'll succeed and then they won't be so worried about my future.


Going into interior design, I didn't know too much about it.
I thought all we would learn about are colours and furniture placement. 
Little things like that... But man oh man...I didn't know there was so much work involved! 
Interior designers draw technical floor plans and elevations. You learn how to use tools on the computer for drawings. You learn how to specify materials, how to source them.
Then you learn there are fire ratings on materials and there are codes in what you can and cannot use for commercial and residential buildings. 
All in all, it's definitely not easy but because I'm passionate about it, it's worth it.


Hence, this blog is an outlet for anything creative and design related.
Whether it be my personal life, my work or inspiring interiors.

Much Love,

Emily Lee


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