Bring It On

[ Floor Plan - Assignment 1 ]
[ Here's a section in reference to the plan above - Assignment 3 ]
[ Added the title block & all. Still need to go over/darken some lines ]

Two more weeks and this semester will be over!
These past 10 weeks just flew by. I know this is a feeling many of you can relate to, 
it felt never-ending but the next thing you know, it's over. I think drafting/visual communications was the course that made this semester seem so long. Each assignment takes 20+ hours minimum and we got these assignments back to back. I'm glad we get a week off school to recharge before the next semester starts -- which will be even more intense for me! Ah!

The above assignment is an ongoing project (through the end of this drafting course)
in which all the drawings relate back to the floor plan. 
I've done elevations for the living room and entry (east & west wall)
and the bedroom (west wall) so far.

Last week it was a sectional view of the living, dining & bedroom (north facing),
cutting through the corridors.

This week we'll be working on plan obliques. That's when the drawings will be in 3D.
Which means I won't be getting much sleep again this week.
Oh well, it's worth it when I'm doing something I love.

Bring. It. On.



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