Spring Pairing

The weather in Vancouver has definitely been weird! 
It was snowing just a couple weeks ago... But for the past 2 weeks it was sunny and super hot. 
Hot enough to whip out the dusty shorts and summer dressed hidden in the back of our closets.
For the past couple days and the upcoming days ahead, it'll be raining -- no surprise there!

During the days where the weather was absolutely gorgeous, I got a chance to think about spring and summer fashion. I wanted to wear dresses, skirts and shorts but was afraid it would get chilly in the evenings. Although the weather was hot during the day, it got pretty cold at night. So instead of bringing a bulky jacket, I would pair my outfits with blazers. Oh how I love blazers...!

They are extremely versatile and can be worn with almost every kind of outfit; 
whether it be skirts, jeans, dresses, shorts, rompers, you name it...
Some blazers look more formal than others. The thicker and firmer it is, the dressier it looks.
The fourth picture, is a thin drape blazer and gives a more casual look. 
It can be found over at Nasty Gal

Once the weather starts clearing up again, you'll definitely see me out and about in a blazer.

Happy Friday!



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