Traditional Meets Minimal

[ The frame of the door and the glass is stunning ]
[ Absolutely breathtaking crown moulding ]
[ Notice the contrast between the doors and the white walls ]
[ Just. Wow. ]

Usually I'm not a big fan of crown mouldings, mainly because I lean towards simplicity,
but take a look at this New York City townhouse. It is unbelievable.

The architect who worked on this place, Julian King, is known for his minimalistic designs and hence it was surprising for him to take on this project. He has worked with the homeowners previously on other renovations, making it easier for them to meet on middle grounds. The all white walls and ceilings are a perfect combination with the furniture. The stark contrast between the white and the browns make each piece of the furniture pop; allowing for every single furniture to be an important feature piece. This is also the case because there are very limited number of furniture. 

I just love how they were able to keep the original Victorian mouldings
and still create a very minimal space.

How do you all feel about this house?
Is it your style? Can you see yourself living in it?

I sure can...!

{ Happy Friday }



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