Time Flies

I can't believe another year has gone by already! 
But when you're always preoccupied with things it's not that surprising. 

This year I have been busy finishing up my interior design certification, 
finding a job and preparing my portfolio for acceptance into the full-time diploma program.
I am one course away from finishing my certificate and I am super excited! The all nighters and coffee runs are about to pay off. But I can't celebrate just yet. Me getting into full-time is crucial and I've been working endless hours on it hoping it will all pay off. 

The quote above holds dear to my heart as a student in this program. 
Although sometimes I go days running on zero hours of sleep and in turn feel like a zombie...
I keep persisting because I love what I do and that energizes me to keep on going. 

I chased after my heart and my dream. 
I know that if I want to make this work, I have to work for it. 
And that is exactly what I am doing.



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