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Living in Vancouver weather { wet & gloomy } definitely makes me think about 
escaping somewhere for a retreat. Somewhere tropical perhaps?
I can't help but think of a small cottage by the beach.
Basking in the sun, sipping on drinks and sporting oversized shades.
During this said retreat, the cottage cannot be grungy looking. That'll ruin the trip of course --
at least for me it would!
The interiors would have to contain fun light colours to match the happy mood you get when you go on a vacation. Think of light yellows, pinks/coral, blues and greens. 
These colours paired with white would make a perfect cheery space suitable for your stay.

I stumbled across the website Z Gallerie which sells furnitures and home decor.
Although I have yet to buy something from them, they have some really gorgeous stuff.
Not the cheapest though, but I believe in splurging on a few pieces of 
furniture/accessories that'll stand out. And hopefully last for years to come!

PS - Living in Vancouver isn't that bad. I just complain too much hah ;)
But it would be nice to get a little more sun and a little less rain!

{ Happy Wednesday }


This was not a sponsored post nor am I affiliated with them in any way. Just my personal opinion!


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